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Fatal Truck Accidents

Tractor-trailer trucks weigh over 20 times more than the average car, and these 18-wheelers have a much higher ground clearance. The force created by an impact from a vehicle of this size is a primary factor in Cicero fatal truck accidents, and the occupants of the smaller vehicles are usually the victims. Only about one out of every five truck accident fatalities is the driver of the semi, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Negligent driver behaviors such as aggressive or distracted driving, speeding and carelessness are often the causes of fatal truck accidents. At times, the fault for the wrongful death does not rest with the truck driver. Maintenance or mechanical issues, manufacturer defects or problems with the load may be underlying causes of fatal truck crashes, or the cause could be a combination of these issues.

Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney

Trucking companies typically have the financial power to retain attorneys to protect against losses due to fatal truck accidents, and they begin building a defense immediately following the crash to prevent a large payout. A wrongful death attorney often reviews maintenance records, reconstructs the accident scene, consults with experts and interviews witnesses during the process of establishing fault.

The complexity of cases involving fatal truck crashes makes it vital for victims and family members to seek legal representation as soon as possible to ensure that critical evidence is not lost. As more time elapses, the resources for discovering proof diminish significantly.

Victims’ Advocates

Victims suffering from the emotional and medical trauma and the financial devastation of the accident often have difficulty handling the legal process on top of everything else they’re going through. In the event of fatal truck accidents, fatal car accidents or fatal medical errors, wrongful death attorneys advocate for victims’ families, to help protect their rights and file a wrongful death claim.

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