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Park Ridge Defective Product Attorney

As many parents know firsthand, accidents and injuries involving Park Ridge defective toys and children’s products occur far too often. Tragically, many of these accidents may have life-changing or even deadly consequences.

A product liability lawyer knows that children’s products may be unsafe due to flaws in production, design or marketing. The same is true of defective vehicles, defective medical devices and unsafe pharmaceuticals. Production defects result in improperly made, substandard products. Design defects result in products that are dangerous even if they are produced according to exact specifications. Even if a product is properly designed and made, marketing flaws may lead people to misuse it or misunderstand the dangers associated with using it.

Chicago Product Liability Lawyer

Toy safety regulations are in place to try to avoid deaths or serious injuries. However, defects that are overlooked, or even hidden from the public, can pose a threat to child safety. Common examples of defective toys and children’s products include:

  • Defective car seats, strollers or bike trailers
  • Toys with small parts, which can present a choking hazard
  • Items coated with lead paint or other substances that are toxic
  • Defective furniture, including cribs and high chairs

Sadly, small mistakes can make almost any product flawed enough to fall below reasonable child safety standards. Even more difficult to understand is why a manufacturer would willingly put young lives at risk by distributing products known to be unsafe.

Investigation of Liability and Loss

Often, a detailed investigation by a defective product attorney is necessary to determine how and why a toy or other product became defective. The attorney would likely also check whether the manufacturer violated any product or toy safety regulations. Besides acquiring evidence to show that the manufacturer was negligent, an attorney would probably gather documentation to establish the severity of the injury and its long-term effects.

If a defective toy or product has harmed your child, you have a right to seek compensation from the responsible manufacturer. The product liability lawyers at Cary J. Wintroub & Associates are prepared to help you through this difficult time with legal guidance and compassionate support. To discuss your legal rights and options, please contact our law office at 312-726-1021 to schedule a free consultation.

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