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Some Recent Settlements For Our Clients:

Cab Driver Beaten-up by College Football Player; $150,000 Recovery

A college football player decided to resolve a fare dispute that arose with his Chicago cabbie, by using his fists. The altercation caused the cab driver to sustain a cervical disc herniation, which required no surgical repair.

Mah Jong Player Falls at Retirement Facility; $250,000 Recovery

A Highland Park woman visited a retirement facility to play Mah Jong with friends. On her way to the apartment where the game was to be held, she tripped and fell upon a temporary elevator floor covering that was left to protect the marble floor from damage during “move-ins”. The fall caused her to sustain a non-union fracture of the tibial eminence with underlying traumatic arthritis, for which a possible knee replacement was recommended.

Deliveryman Slips and Falls Upon Potato; $350,000 Recovery

While making a delivery to a large grocery store, a Chicago linen deliveryman slipped and fell upon a potato that had fallen from a crowded bin. As a result of the incident, the deliveryman sustained a lumbar disc herniation for which his treating doctors recommended future disc decompression and fusion surgery.

Casino Boat Dealer Struck in Middle of Intersection; $800,000 Recovery

An Indiana woman was struck as she traveled through an intersection on a green light, when a man turned left into her path. She sustained a bimalleolar ankle fracture that required surgery with insertion of plates and screws. The trauma further caused her to develop Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Failure to Properly Deliver Baby; $1.05 Million Recovery

A Lake County woman gave birth to a baby that was not breathing. The obstetrician failed to perform a timely cesarean and the hospital nurses failed to timely recognize that the baby was in fetal distress. The baby sustained cerebral anoxia which resulted in physical and mental impairment.

Young Mother Becomes Premises Liability Victim; $3.5 Million Recovery

A twenty-eight year-old Chicago mother visited a warehouse store with her infant son. While reaching for a package of diapers from the rear of a floor level pallet, a wood beam fell upon her from the top of the pallet racks. As a result of the incident, she sustained cervical herniations, a non-displaced shoulder fracture, “drop foot” disorder and eyelid tarsus. Treatment for her injuries consisted of multiple hospitalizations and surgeries.

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