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Skokie Unauthorized Medical Treatment

A patient who seeks treatment or advice from a medical professional is implicitly expressing trust that the health care provider will seek the appropriate cure. Unfortunately, this trust is sometimes undeserved. Incidents of Skokie unnecessary or unauthorized medical procedures occur when providers seek only to increase profits. The costs of these services may be charged to Medicaid, to an insurance provider, or to patients themselves, who may bear the brunt of these unnecessary expenses.

In addition to the financial loss associated with this form of medical malpractice, patients often experience physical and emotional trauma as a result of undergoing needless procedures. Moreover, the procedures themselves may lead to surgical errors, anesthesia errors, medication errors or even birth injuries, further jeopardizing the patient’s health and well being.

Palos Hills Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Patients in health care facilities are often susceptible to unauthorized medical treatment because mental problems such as dementia may make it impossible for them to give the informed consent that is required by medical ethics. It is easier for physicians to order operations, x-rays, examinations or other tests without fear of repercussion. Furthermore, family members may find it difficult to intervene because the health care providers may claim that they do not want to commit breaches of doctor-patient confidentiality.

Warning signs of health care fraud in assisted living or long-term care facilities include the following:

  • Unscheduled doctor visits
  • Medical record changes
  • Unexplained medical procedures
  • Several residents undergoing the same procedure

Unnecessary medical procedures are not victimless crimes. Patients often undergo invasive and painful treatments, and their health could be put at risk. Additionally, the pain and trauma of the unnecessary procedure could lead to failure to diagnose a real medical problem.

Patient Rights

Physicians claim that prescribed tests or procedures were believed to be necessary and beneficial. A patient or loved one who suspects medical malpractice must prove that the doctor’s recommendations were unnecessary or harmful. It is illegal for a provider to deny a patient’s request for personal health care records, and taking these to another doctor for review may help prevent or expose medical wrongdoing.

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