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Gurnee Weather Related Car Accidents

Although most drivers are accustomed to driving in the variable weather conditions that are typical in Gurnee, weather-related accidents are a common sight. Across the state, thousands of accidents occur every year, due in part to unsafe conditions created by the weather. Almost 25 percent of Illinois car accidents in 2011 were weather-related, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. Nationwide, 24 percent of auto accidents were weather related that year.

Fog, floods, rain, high winds and snow all affect a motorist’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Many drivers underestimate the hazards that the weather can cause and fail to adjust their driving to account for the changes in road conditions. This often leads to serious accidents, common auto accident injuries and death.

Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys know that even mild weather can be enough to contribute to an accident. Poor visibility and lighting conditions; road restrictions and lane obstructions; water, ice and snow on the roadway; and delayed travel times all leave many motorists anxious. Auto defects and road design defects that reduce stability, handling and safety in certain weather conditions can also play a part in weather-related car accidents. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System indicates that in 2011, 2,300 fatal crashes occurred in the nation during rain and another 650 occurred while sleet or snow was falling.

Distracted driving behavior, such as using a cell phone while driving to reschedule appointments or find alternate routes, also affects driver safety. In addition to cell phone accidents, poor weather conditions may also lead to increased incidents of speeding, head-on accidents, rear-end accidents and pedestrian accidents. Using poor judgment during times of inclement weather is also a contributing factor in many alcohol-related accidents.

Holding Negligent Drivers Responsible for Their Actions

As seasoned auto accident lawyers, the attorneys at Cary J. Wintroub & Associates take the complex task of proving driver negligence in a weather-related accident very seriously. Our attorneys have a detailed knowledge of how our opponents work to deny negligence and liability in these cases, which could negatively affect a valid claim. To combat these practices, we conduct a complete investigation to ensure that we have all the facts surrounding every accident on which we are called to assist.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a weather-related accident, and you are unsure of what to do after an auto accident, our office may be able to help. Our auto accident injury attorneys are committed to providing the most thorough legal representation to all our clients. Accident victims are encouraged to contact our office to schedule a free consultation by calling (312) 726-1021 today.

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