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Skokie Product Liability Lawsuits

Modern pharmaceutical products have helped many people manage their health problems or enjoy a better quality of life, but sadly, people who take Skokie unsafe pharmaceuticals often experience the opposite effects. When pharmaceuticals are inadequately tested, poorly produced or inappropriately marketed, users may suffer permanent and even fatal injuries. Product liability lawsuits are the means many individuals choose to seek compensation for these injuries.

When people think of product liability, things like defective vehicles or defective toys and children’s products often come to mind. However, product liability laws also protect the rights of consumers who have experiences injuries due to defective medical devices and unsafe pharmaceuticals.

Chicago Product Liability Lawyer

Medication lawsuits are a specialized type of product liability lawsuit. Typically, to receive compensation for injuries resulting from an unsafe pharmaceutical product, the patient must prove one of the following types of defects existed and directly caused the injuries:

  • Design defects – A pharmaceutical company’s failure to develop a safe product or uncover dangerous side effects during research and testing constitutes a design defect.
  • Manufacturing defects – Issues with the production, shipping or packaging of the drug that result in tainting or improper composition qualify as manufacturing defects.
  • Marketing defects – If a drug maker does not provide adequate instructions or warnings about the side effects, contraindications and other potential hazards associated with a drug, the oversight is considered a marketing defect.

Because various errors can render pharmaceutical products unsafe, many different parties could be liable for the patient’s injuries. Depending on the circumstances, the injured person might seek compensation from companies, such as drug manufacturers, laboratories that perform drug testing or distributors; health care facilities, such as hospitals, pharmacies or clinics; or an individual, such as a doctor or pharmaceutical salesperson.

The complexity of pharmaceutical product liability cases usually makes the help of a product liability lawyer essential. An attorney investigates to identify the at-fault parties and secure evidence to help prove that an unsafe pharmaceutical product caused the injury.

Protect Your Rights

In Illinois, product liability lawsuits must be filed within a strict statute of limitations. If unsafe pharmaceuticals have caused you or a loved one harm, the attorneys at Cary J. Wintroub & Associates may be able to help you hold the at-fault parties responsible. Our team of product liability attorneys is here to provide an honest evaluation of your options and compassionate support if you choose to pursue your claim. Schedule your free consultation with one of our product liability lawyers. Contact our law office at 312-726-1021.

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