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Skokie Rear End Accidents

Rear-end accidents occur in Chicago every day. This common type of car accident occurs when negligent drivers fail to stop in time and collide with the cars in front of them While liability in head-on accidents may be harder to determine, in most cases, the driver in the rear car is assigned fault and liability for the damage that results from Niles rear-end accidents. Frequent areas for these accidents include intersections, stop signs and railroad crossings.

Nationally, many individuals experience common auto accident injuries due to rear-end accidents every year. Over 6 million car accidents have occurred in the United States since 1999, resulting in over 41,000 deaths and 3.4 million injuries. More than one-third of these accidents were classified as rear-end collisions. Some estimates place the number of yearly rear-end accidents at 2.5 million.

Niles Auto Accident Attorney

Distracted driving and other unsafe driving habits are often the underlying cause of rear-end accidents. When drivers fail to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them, or if they are speeding, they do not have time to stop before a collision occurs. Failure to maintain a safe distance often results in weather-related accidents because drivers do not realize the danger of sudden stops on wet or icy pavement. Alcohol-related accidents, too, are often rear-end collisions because the driver’s ability to judge distance is impaired. Road design defects and auto defects, such as braking system failures, that make it more difficult to stop a moving car can also contribute to rear-end collisions.

Cell phone accidents are often rear end accidents because glancing at a handheld device and then back up to the road can cause drivers to misjudge the distance to the next car. Many drivers are also distracted by eating, applying makeup and talking to passengers in the car. A competent auto accident attorney understands that even though some of these activities may seem harmless, all of them are distracting enough to cause serious accidents.

Lasting Injuries

A knowledgeable rear-end accident attorney recognizes the impact that rear-end collisions can have on individuals and their families. Similar to pedestrian accidents, soft-tissue injuries are common with this type of collision. Often known as whiplash, the condition occurs due to the sudden change in speed and movement of the body and head. It can result in damage to the discs and muscles of the neck and back, which can cause accident victims extreme, lasting pain.

Every car accident lawyer at Cary J. Wintroub & Associates is prepared to help those suffering from rear-end collision injuries obtain the care and compensation they need following their accident. If you are concerned about what to do after an auto accident, contact us at (312) 726-1021 to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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