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Most people expect medical devices to prevent health complications, but when people are exposed to Chicago defective medical devices, they may instead face serious and even life-threatening injuries. Tragically, some defective medical devices may even cause permanent harm or death.

Because people who use medical devices may have compromised health to begin with, even minor device issues or malfunctions can have devastating consequences. Worse still, many seemingly small errors can render medical devices completely unsafe.

Morton Grove Product Liability Lawyer

In general, the harmful mistakes medical device companies might make can be divided into three categories:

  • Design defects, which occur when the initial product design is dangerously flawed and the medical device company fails to detect the problem
  • Manufacturing defects, which happen when issues with the production or distribution process result in an incorrectly made product
  • Marketing defects, which result when the medical device company fails to provide adequate instructions or warnings about risks associated with using the medical device

A product liability lawyer knows that, to win compensation in a medical device product liability lawsuit, the patient must be able to prove that the device was defective and directly caused the injuries. Like defective vehicles, defective toys and children’s products, and unsafe pharmaceuticals, the defect in a medical device must be documented, as well as its harmful effects.

After identifying the nature of the defect, a medical device attorneys would likely check whether the company that produced the medical device failed to comply with professional standards or government regulations. To further strengthen the case, the attorney may conduct an investigation to determine whether the manufacturer had prior knowledge of the product’s dangers.

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Deciding whether to file a product liability lawsuit can be difficult. Evaluating the full cost of injuries resulting from defective medical devices can also be challenging. Besides financial costs, such as medical expenses and wage loss, it’s important to consider less easily quantified outcomes, such as emotional suffering and changes in your quality of life.

If you or a loved one has suffered from using a medical device, the attorneys at Cary J. Wintroub & Associates would like to help you evaluate these costs. Our medical device attorneys are here to provide guidance as you navigate the complicated process of moving forward with a product liability lawsuit. Contact our law office today at 312-726-1021 to schedule your free consultation with a medical device attorney.

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