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Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer

Cranes, backhoes, jackhammers, saws, compressors, generators and other equipment pose unique threats to the individuals who use them on a daily basis. For this reason, people who work with heavy equipment and machinery often receive extensive safety training. However, this training usually is not enough to protect against construction site accidents involving Elgin defective machinery and equipment.

Unfortunately, machinery and construction equipment accidents can occur for countless reasons. Employee or employer errors may play a role in some accidents, as is often the case with scaffolding accidents and construction vehicle accidents. However, any construction accident lawyer knows that many construction accidents happen because of mistakes or poor practices on the part of third parties, such as the manufacturers, distributors, contractors or companies that handle maintenance and repairs for construction machinery and equipment.

Elgin Construction Equipment Accidents

The circumstances of a machinery or construction equipment accident will determine whether the accident qualifies as a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation claim. If the actions of a third party contributed to an accident, there may also be grounds for a defective product lawsuit.

A third party may be considered liable if the injuries occurred because of any of the following factors:

  • Product defects due to the product design or the manufacturing process
  • Damage the machinery equipment sustained during production, shipping or installation
  • Improper installation, maintenance or use of safety equipment
  • Inadequate warnings or operator training from the equipment manufacturer or distributor

Thorough investigation of the accident, including the machinery or equipment involved, the training and safety equipment provided, and the working conditions under which the accident occurred should help to determine its cause. If defective equipment caused the injuries, seeking damages from the party responsible for the defects does not preclude the injured party from collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

Investigating Defective Equipment

If you were injured or a loved one lost his or her life because of equipment defects or malfunctions, you may have grounds to seek compensation from the responsible party. An attorney can investigate the incident and document any equipment defects that contributed to your injuries. At Cary J. Wintroub & Associates, we provide personal attention and always put our full effort into investigating and building each client’s case. To schedule a free consultation with a construction accident lawyer, contact our law office today at 312-726-1021.

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