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Orland Park Auto Accident Lawyers

In the Chicago area, including Orland Park, head-on accidents are some of the most severe car crashes that can occur. An accident is considered a head-on collision when the fronts of two vehicles are the point of impact during a crash. These head-on accidents are often fatal, or they may result in serious injury, such as brain and head injury, spinal cord injury, whiplash injury, lacerations and other life threatening conditions. Cell phone accidents are frequently head-on collisions.

Head-on Accidents

A head-on collision can have many different contributing factors, but negligence is almost always present. The most common factors include driver impairment, road design defects, insufficient road signs and driver negligence. Common scenarios include the following:

  • Alcohol-related accidents – An impaired driver ignores properly placed traffic signs and signals, enters a street, freeway or highway in the wrong direction and collides head on with another vehicle.
  • Distracted driving – A driver uses a hand-held device while driving and crosses the median into an oncoming traffic lane without realizing it in time to stop an accident.
  • Auto defects – A malfunction in a vehicle causes the driver to lose control of the car and swerve into a neighboring lane of traffic that is going the opposite direction.
  • Weather-related accidents – Conditions make traffic lanes or signs difficult or impossible to read, but the motorist continues on the road, despite the danger, and collides with oncoming traffic.

In many cases, head-on collisions can be attributed to negligent drivers who are traveling in the wrong lane, who become distracted or who swerve – intentionally or unintentionally – into a lane of oncoming traffic. Frequently, the driver is also speeding, which adds to the risk of common auto accident injuries.

Determining Legal Liability

The automobile accident attorneys with Cary J. Wintroub & Associates are adept at handling this type of car accident, as well as rear-end accidents and pedestrian accidents, and are familiar with the unique legal aspects that must be addressed in these matters. Our personal injury lawyers can help accident victims determine and prove that liability for their accident rests with the other motorist. If necessary, we will seek the opinion of an accident reconstruction expert to prove our case and aid us in creating a successful car accident injury claim.

If you are unsure what to do after an auto accident, contact the auto accident lawyers at Cary J. Wintroub & Associates to learn how we can help you with your matter. Contact us today at (312) 726-1021 to schedule a free consultation.

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