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Avoid distracted driving with these 5 tips

Posted in Car Accident on Sunday, December 14, 2014

Distracted driving was responsible for killing 3,328 people in 2012, and injuring an additional 421,000 people that same year, according to Despite Illinois law prohibiting motorists from talking or texting on handheld cellular devices while driving, people continue to engage in these deadly behaviors, which can lead to a devastating car accident. In order to stay safe while on the road, motorists should avoid distractive driving using these essential tips and consider contacting the best personal injury attorney Chicago has to offer if an accident occurs.

(article continues below infographic)Avoid distracted driving with these 5 tips

Turn off the cellphone

For many drivers the chime of an incoming text message or an alert that a friend is calling is too much to bear. It is best for motorists to turn off their cellphone, put it on silent or remove it from sight. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, reaching for a cellphone, texting and dialing a number can increase the risk of a major car accident by three times. Even talking on a hands free mobile device has proven to be a significant source of cognitive distraction that can lead to a catastrophic accident and the need for an established personal injury attorney in Chicago.

Avoid heated conversations

Although drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road while participating in a heated conversation, their focus is taken off of the primary task of driving. According to the National Safety Council, the human brain is unable to multi-task, or complete two complex tasks at the same time, such as carrying on a conversation and driving. Instead, the brain shifts back and forth between the two activities, leaving moments where the mind is not focused on the road at all.

Get organized before driving

Before heading out on the road, motorists should organize their car to avoid needless reaching, passing and adjusting while driving. This may include programming the navigation device, adjusting the radio and getting necessary items out of the glove box. Parents should make sure that their children have everything they need in the backseat of the vehicle as well.

Avoid voice-activated technology

Although voice-activated technology was created to minimize driver distraction, it has been found to actually increase distractive driving. According to AAA, studies have shown that flaws in certain types of mobile technology can lead to distraction when the application does not work correctly.

Don’t be afraid to pull over

A situation may arise that requires a driver’s full attention. Motorists should not hesitate to pull to the side of the road if they need to sooth a backseat passenger, get something from the glove box or pick up an item off of the floor. In only takes a few moments to pull over and accomplish the task safely rather than endanger the lives of everyone on the road by attempting to do the activity while driving.

While Illinois has enacted distracted driving laws in an attempt to lower the motor vehicle fatality rate in the state, preventable auto accidents still occur, injuring and killing innocent people in the process. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Chicago can get accident victims fair compensation for their injuries and emotional suffering.

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